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Focus and scope of the activities

The board of JPG Hulsebosch declares that it has integrated a management system within the entire business organization. This management system complies at least with the applicable health and safety legislation and regulations and with the requirements of ISO 9001 (quality / organization), ISO 27001 (IT / data security), ISO14001 (environment / sustainability) and ISO 45001 (health / safety). Furthermore, the Collective Labor Agreement for the Furniture Industry and Furniture Companies applies within JPG Hulsebosch. JPG Hulsebosch wants to be known in the market as a reliable company that supplies high-quality products.

Scope ISO 9001/27001/14001/45001

Manufacturing and / or compiling professional brand presentations, in-store promotions, shop windows and visuals in accordance with the Statement of Applicability version 1.0 dated 01-08-2020.

Customer wishes

The wishes of the customer are central to our business process. This ensures that our continuity is guaranteed. The formulation of this is based on the analysis of our customer contacts.

This wish has been translated into a product and / or service package that is delivered by our organization. The management system describes how our organization ensures that we continue to comply with this.

 The experiences regarding customer requirements will be updated annually in a consultation prior to the assessment of the management system.

Management system

This management system contains the description of our processes, based on ISO 9001 (quality / organization), ISO 27001 (IT / data security), ISO14001 (environment / sustainability) and ISO45001 (health / safety).


The management is responsible for correct compliance with the system and that it complies with laws and regulations. The KAM coordinator is responsible for managing the management system. As a member of management, he is convinced that all employees have understood the goals of the management system and that they are able to implement the necessary regulations.


All employees are instructed to comply with what is prescribed in the management system. Management will assess the implementation and operation of the system (such as procedures and work instructions) according to a fixed schedule.


Safety and health play a prominent role in business operations. At an operational level, this means that during the performance of the work, personal injury and material damage must be prevented as much as possible. This for both our own employees and third parties. When making strategic decisions, it is continuous improvement of work and life environmental conditions are an important precondition. Furthermore, the management commits itself to prevent health damage to its employees by pursuing an active health and safety policy.


The environment plays a prominent role in our business operations. At an operational level, this means that the environment is an essential precondition for implementation. This for own employees and temporary workers as well as for third parties. When making strategic decisions, continuous improvement of the environmental conditions is an important condition.

Information security

Information is one of the most important resources of an organization. Guaranteeing accessibility and reliability is an essential part of responsible business operations. And relates to:

• ensuring the availability of information and

• protecting information against unauthorized access and mutation.

• guaranteeing the correctness, completeness, timeliness and verifiability of information and information processing.

All employees are instructed to deal carefully with these three aspects: To ensure that all information is honest, available and, where necessary, exclusive.

Make necessary resources available

When describing the organization and providing insight into the business process, it was assessed whether sufficient resources (training / equipment / infrastructure) are available in the areas of quality, safety, environment and information security. Changes are indicated during the periodic review.

Corrective, preventive and improvement measures

Every employee within the organization has the right and the task to indicate areas for improvement with regard to quality, safety, the environment and information security within the organization. This with the aim of continuously improving the conditions within JPG Hulsebosch.


Yearly targets are formulated (B-660c) and evaluated during the assessment of the management system. These are drawn up per aspect, with the associated measuring points. These annual targets are a living part of this policy statement.

Noordwijkerhout, 22-06-2020


Iwan J.P.G. Hulsebosch

Managing director