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Visual Merchandising

JPG Hulsebosch has been operating and partnering with luxury brands since 1995. Starting with a detailed study of the concept, through to development and prototyping, to the production and installation, we ensure quality control from beginning till end. Either in-store visual merchandising or window decoration, with complete fulfilment capabilities we emphasize the power of experience!


Located on the prestigious P.C. Hoofstraat, the boutique showcases the entire CYBEX universe in an unparalleled shopping experience.
Try out the products in interactive displays, and browse fashion collections and special collaborations with icons like Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. And in a perfect match with Amsterdam’s unique cycling culture, the store also features the new Sport range for active families. An exclusive VIP area offers one-to-one service and a customization atelier helping you create the ideal product. It’s the ultimate expression of the luxury functionality and modern design that CYBEX is known for.

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