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JPG Hulsebosch is a Dutch based company that was founded in 1995 by Iwan J.P.G. Hulsebosch. 

In addition to our retail projects, we also offer high quality and tailor-made interior projects. In accordance with the customer’s wishes, we provide the production and installation of furniture and interior for both home, hospitality and public spaces. With a wide range of skills and knowledge, we successfully complete each project with an eye for detail.

JPG Hulsebosch is dedicated to understanding and managing our economic, environmental and social impacts throughout our value chain. 

Luxury Interior Projects

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About JPG Hulsebosch

We are a performance driven team which is well aware of the concept and JPG’s unique approach of business.

Our passionate team, that comes from 
different fields of expertise, is always aiming for the best results on a premium level.

An A till Z flow that is completely processed 
in-house with a high standard of efficiency.

From our head office, situated nearby the vibrant city of Amsterdam, our expertise extends to the whole Benelux and beyond.

JPG Hulsebosch branded products

Head office JPG Hulsebosch

Inspired by Scandinavian design, the office of JPG Hulsebosch has a neutral color palette combined with the black frames and dominated by glass.

Every aspect of this beautiful and fresh office contributes to the overall experience. 

The hybrid workspaces are divided into open plan workspaces and private spaces.

This future-proof work environment enhances the success of individuals and business objectives.

Painted custom-made couch

For this dining area in Laren refined details are combined with an aesthetic made work and finishes that communicate elegance.

The reason for this design is to create a modern couch that would have the possibility for storage underneath.

The grey sitting area on top is placed halfway to have a playfull look.

Each corner is smoothly finished with a beveled edge and overall the fixture is painted with a satin gloss.

Sophisticated kitchen in black 

Sparkling white kitchens are trendy and beautiful, however, consider instead a dramatic black kitchen that's just as functional and aesthetically pleasing! We have installed this project in Noordwijk and prior to our in – house production we had shown our clients a digital rendering of the design space. We make sure the selected materials are being transformed as wished to meet the expectations of the client. In advance, a thorough research and testing of the materials is done to make sure it will last a long time.

JPG Hulsebosch The power of experience
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