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Specialized in high-end brand presentations
visual identity

JPG Hulsebosch is a Dutch based company that
was founded in 1995 by Iwan J.P.G. Hulsebosch. 

Since our existence, we have gained a leading reputation for our high quality standards. We offer efficient solutions in the areas of Customized productions, 

Service merchandising, Visual merchandising, 
Visual printing, Digital signage and
Logistics services.

JPG Hulsebosch is dedicated to understanding and 
managing our economic, environmental and social 
impacts throughout our value chain.
We are proud of our personalized services and our 
understanding of;

The power of experience!

Who we are

We are a performance driven team which is well aware of the concept and JPG’s unique approach of business.

Our passionate team, that comes from 
different fields of expertise, is always aiming for the best results on a premium level.

An A till Z flow that is completely processed 
in-house with a high standard of efficiency.

And from our head office, situated nearby the vibrant city of Amsterdam, our expertise extends to the whole Benelux and beyond!

Retail projects

Within our unique approach of business, where full service dominates our way of working, great care and craftmanship characterize us.

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In addition to our retail projects, we offer 

high quality tailor-made interior projects. 

In accordance with the customer’s wishes, we provide the production and  installation of furniture and interior for both home, hospitality and public spaces. 

The power of experience


At our HQ in the Netherlands, 3000 square meter is well-equipped with the latest innovated machines. Besides.....

With more than 25 years of experience, we know the importance of creating brand awareness on a premium level. We provide......

JPG Hulsebosch has been operating and partnering with luxury brands since 1995. Being one of the most reputable and reliable .....

JPG Hulsebosch is specialized in printing your artworks on all sorts of material by using different techniques.....

We understand the meaning of Digital Signage and how this tool makes it possible to provide your .....

Sparkling white kitchens are trendy and beautiful, however, consider instead a dramatic black 

Luxury interior projects

In addition to our retail projects, we offer 

high quality tailor-made interior projects. 

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Foto 05-07-2022 10 51 26.jpg
Luxury kitchen (2).jpg


A Pop-up, a promotion, a window, a backwall or a display, JPG Hulsebosch is specialized to make the brand activation come to life!

For this flagship store, we produced and installed the interior elements for both flooring, wall elements, podia and special frames among both sides.


Located on the prestigious P.C. Hoofstraat, the boutique showcases the entire CYBEX universe in an unparalleled shopping experience.
Try out the products in interactive displays, and browse fashion collections and special collaborations with icons like Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. And in a perfect match with Amsterdam’s unique cycling culture, the store also features the new Sport range for active families. An exclusive VIP area offers one-to-one service and a customization atelier helping you create the ideal product. It’s the ultimate expression of the luxury functionality and modern design that CYBEX is known for.


"JPG Hulsebosch is specialized to make the brand activation come to life!"

  - The power of experience-



This iconic Chanel ‘Ask for the Moon’ activation was shining at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The interactive, immersive and engaging pop-up features compelling customer engagement, beauty tech innovation and product exclusivity to welcome travellers during the busy festive period. Chanel No. 5 Holiday Collection is spotlighted in delicated elements that are real eyecathcing.


"One milion thanks JPG, we

are so happy with the result!"

  - Team Chanel -



"Another great example of teamwork!"

- Team Dior -


For this DIOR pop up, JPG Hulsebosch produced and installed a unique combination of shopping and entertainment. The wooden structure is made so that the best shopping experienced is achieved.  It is finished with a smooth and sound reducing ramp on top that allows you to skate.

The Strength through unity logo symbolizes teamwork, community, and sisterhood!


JPG Hulsebosch had the privilege to produce and install the branded fixtures at the new boutique at shopping mall Gelderlandplein.

No less than Nine iconic Giant beauties are shining at the boutique. Dominated by the special designs, materials, and colors to create and exciting and inspiring sensation.


For this Villa in Noordwijkerhout, JPG was in charge of the production for both kitchen, bathroom area and master bedroom. 

For this project refined details are combined with an aesthetic made work and finishes that communicate elegance.

"Every product from the JPG workshop is handled with great care and attention."

  - The power of experience-


AV2 (9).JPG
Luxury kitchen (2).jpg

Sophisticated kitchen in black


Sparkling white kitchens are trendy and beautiful, however, consider instead a dramatic black kitchen that's just as functional and aesthetically pleasing! We have installed this project in Noordwijk and prior to our in – house production we had shown our clients a digital rendering of the design space. We make sure the selected materials are being transformed as wished to meet the expectations of the client. In advance, a thorough research and testing of the materials is done to make sure it will last a long time.

Luxury Interior Projects
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