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Digital signage

Digital signage offers the necessary quality information to a large number of viewers by utilizing display screens with a concentrated target audience. Since the rise of this demand JPG is specialised in processing the content, installing Digital signage, monitoring hard/software and offers a wide range of solutions. At our Headquarter the Digital signage showroom shows many innovations and applications.

Content management Software

Both our software and cloud media players are connected to the professional screens.

This makes it possible to update your content remotely and monitor the screen from a distance. Meaning screen defaults are history!

Our dedicated Digital Signage specialists are taking care of the failure notices reported in our system to make sure the content is always exposed.

Digital signage iot solution

Internet of Things

Nowadays endless options are possible to add to your digital signage solutions.

In order to guide your client on the most precise manner in their shopping experience and choices, a variety of options is possible..

For example, we can add sensoring, camera, weather influence, date and time, interactive buttons, net mouse control, etc., etc.

Artificial intelligence

With the exponential growth of generated data and computing power, the opportunities to apply data smartly and efficiently are increasing. For example, a Machine Learning algorithm is able to recognize patterns in gigantic quantities and various types of data to make accurate predictions. These insights enable you to anticipate what will happen in the future, to gain more insight into customer behavior and customer segments, to personalize products and services and thus differentiate yourself from competition and facilitate growth.

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